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End extreme poverty for children.

GrainAid Agency is incorporated in Uganda as an Indigenous Non-Governmental Organization/non-profit organization (NGO) that is dedicated to working with communities to end extreme poverty for children.

We directly implement programs by engaging communities in helping us select members of their community that are in the greatest need of support, identifying what resources the needy already have and are willing to contribute, identifying what the local government is willing to contribute, then providing one-time seed capital/livelihood assets and giving tailored skills and regular guidance, and life skills as well as helping the needy participants to save through the business saving & loan groups (BSLG).

We are data driven so we do data analytics to inform progress, decision-making, and impact.


Core Values That Drive Grain Aid Agency

  • We are compassionate and committed to the poor:

    We serve people living in extreme poverty with respect, empathy, and dignity, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, or education level, and value our common humanity.

  • We are transparent and accountable:

    We operate with the highest levels of integrity and trustworthiness.

  • We are collaborative:

    We believe passionately in partnerships in pursuit of our mission and enhancing the ability of people living in extreme poverty to improve their lives.

  • We are honest and reliable

    We do what we say we will do in ending extreme poverty for the children.

  • We value innovation

    We consider new ideas, new technologies, and new partners as opportunities to grow our impact.

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