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    Story of Aya

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    Tina (Aya's Mother)

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    West Nile

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The story of Ayaa: Her family could not afford school requirements, so she dropped out of school. Her story relates to over 2 million (45%) children who drop out of school in Uganda!

Tina, Ayaa’s mother, who lives in West Nile, Uganda, worked hard each day but could not support her family & afford a meal a day. She was selected to participate in our program. Tina received training, a one-time seed grant and cash stipend to meet basic needs. She started her business and receives regular technical support. Tina and other women participating in our program are also part of the business saving and loan group. Now Tina is able to support her family with 3 meals a day and she also supported her daughter Ayaa to return to school.

Here are some examples of what we have accomplished: 300+ women and youth trained in business skills, 120+ business grants distributed, 1,200+ children impacted, 04 business saving and loan groups established, and strong in-kind contributions from participants and the Local Government. We also won the D-Prize fellowship for innovative distribution; which normally selects less than 1% of applicants. The local Government promotes us as part of their strategy to end extreme poverty in the villages.

We are continuously building partnerships to scale our impact to a wider geographical audience and impact over 500,000 children by 2030.

We pursuit greater impact

We use data to drive innovation and decision-making. And we invest in rigorous monitoring and evaluations to ensure impact, enhance learning, and inform decisions.

How we monitor and evaluate our impact

We developed a robust monitoring and evaluation system which guides us in our routine monitoring and evaluation. We collect baseline and end-line household surveys to measure program impact based on key indicators, including average increase in household incomes, average increases in household savings, average total saving per business saving group, meals per day, and increase in the number of children accessing education.

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